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Here is a collection of my latest and most memorable writing projects. Each article represents a noteworthy moment in my writing career. I hope you enjoy my work, and I welcome you to reach out with any questions.

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How to Become a Counselor: Education, Licensure & Careers

Counselors have an indispensable impact on each of their client’s lives. Counselors have an inherent goal to help their clients recognize and understand their challenges while exploring various approaches to think and behave to discover solutions.

Nippon Professional Baseball: Guide to Opening Day 2021

The 2021 Nippon Professional Baseball season is upon us. As we get ready for the 2021 season, we must revisit what transpired in the 2020 season, how NPB intends to keep the season intact, and players to keep a close eye on.

Most Valuable Basketball Card in the World: Luka Doncic Card Sells for Record $4.6 Million

The tremendous growth of sports cards continues as the value of a Luka Doncic rookie card reaches new heights. History was made on February 28th, when Luka Doncic’s rookie card from 2018-19 Panini National Treasures sold for a breathtaking $4.6 million.

Image by Mick Haupt

Topps BUNT: Baseball Collecting in Real-Time

While blending baseball history with modern technology’s convenience, Topps BUNT serves as a modern-day box score to collect and trade digital baseball cards. The inception of Topps BUNT has created new ways for baseball fans and collectors to feel connected to baseball in the digital era.


The Rise of Digital Sports Collectibles: Non-Fungible Tokens

The rise of digital sports cards emerged in 2017 with the concept of non-fungible tokens. NFT’s are digital trading cards that are rare, unique, and easily transferrable. Unlike traditional sports cards, NFT’s are resistant to damage while combining scarcity with authenticity. NFT’s are similar to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, though they differ because bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are fungible and interchangeable.

Image by Ben Hershey

The Return to Japan: The Masahiro Tanaka Story

It is every Japanese baseball player's dream to transition to Major League Baseball, though only a few are able to make the jump, and even fewer have similar results as they had in Japan. While Tanaka made the shocking announcement to return to Japan, we discuss other Japanese baseball players who have taken a similar path and explore whether Tanaka will remain in Japan or return to the majors in the future.

Vintage Baseball Uniform

Serie del Caribe: The Caribbean Series 101

The highly anticipated 2021 Caribbean Series is in full swing! The highly prestigious 70-year-old tournament has been a platform where Latin American baseball players consistently rise to the occasion to compete for the Serie del Caribe. The tournament has put Latin American baseball on the map and advanced baseball around the world while making a significant footprint on the Hispanic population in the United States.


Australian Baseball Attracting Attention: The Latest Headlines and Statistics

Baseball continues in the Land Down Under! The Australian Baseball League is well underway, where teams are battling for playoff positioning. While the Sydney Blue Sox have been stopped in their tracks, Delmon Young thrives, and Australian baseball is flourishing. With the unexpected circumstances, the ABL has remained flexible and has announced a postseason format like any other. Tune in to learn more!


World Baseball Signings: Past and Present

Every year, roughly 1,000 baseball players enter the international signing period to have their opportunity to play in the MLB. Over the years, there have been significant international signings of foreign baseball players and Major League Baseball. In this article, we discuss the international signing rules, recap past notable signings, and analyze which foreign players will have the next exceptional impact on MLB.


The Pursuit and Advancement of Indian Baseball

The history of baseball in India may not be extensive, though cricket has long been entrenched as its most widespread sport. What is the difference between cricket and baseball? What are Major League Baseball's plans to spread baseball in India? Read on as we discuss India as the ensuing market for baseball's growth.


The KBO Postseason and The Growth of the League

We are officially in the home stretch of the 2020 KBO season. Despite all of the obstacles the KBO encountered, this season featured both team and player breakthroughs, along with an intense playoff race that will lead to the KBO's advancement.


Top 15 Most Expensive Ken Griffey Jr. Cards

While Ken Griffey Jr. will perhaps be most widely known as an electrifying player, who had a flawless swing at the plate while possessing tremendous swagger, hobbyists may further acknowledge him for how the career he put together affected the value of his baseball cards.


Nippon Professional Baseball: Yomiuri Giants Remain Prevalent

With the 2020 season approaching its final chapter, we look at the Yomiuri Giants' domination, whether the Giants or any Nippon Professional Baseball team could compete against a Major League Baseball club, and examine the dismissal of the Tazawa Rule.


Top 16 Most Valuable Frank Thomas Cards

Frank Thomas remains one of the greatest hitters ever to play the game, where he was one of the most feared players in the batter's box. The influence of Frank Thomas on America's Pastime has correlated with the value of his baseball cards.


T206 Honus Wagner: The holy grail of baseball cards sold for $3.25 million

Circulated by the American Tobacco Company, Honus Wagner’s T206 card is accepted as one of the most valuable baseball cards of all time.


Who are the Yomiuri Giants?

The most dominant franchise in Nippon Professional Baseball history, the Yomiuri Giants are termed the New York Yankees of Japanese baseball. Read on to discover who they are and how they reached the pinnacle of Japanese Baseball.


The First Half in Review: 2020 Chinese Professional Baseball League Season Explained

The Chinese Professional Baseball League was more prepared for sports than any other league across the globe. Because of the league's ingenious efforts, the CPBL has gained more prevalence than ever before. We take a look at the first half of the season just gone, players to keep an eye on, and the future prospects of the league.


New York Mets: Alex Rodriguez calls for foul play

It looks like the New York Mets will wind up in the hands of billionaire Steve Cohen and Alex Rodriguez is calling foul play. As a minority owner of the New York Mets since 2012 when he presented $20 million for a 4% stake in the franchise, Steve Cohen has entered into exclusive contract negotiations to purchase the New York Mets.


The Advancement of European Baseball

While there are cultural reasons why European baseball isn't more mainstream, the Honkbal Hoofdklasse and Italian Baseball League are paving the way for the advancement of European baseball. This article contains affiliate links - If you purchase through the links below, we earn money that goes towards supporting the maintenance and development of this site.


Australia’s Influence on Major League Baseball

Whether you knew it or not, the Australian Baseball League has produced gifted baseball players creating noise across Major League Baseball. We take a look at Australia’s own baseball league and the influence it has had on MLB. This article contains affiliate links - If you purchase through the links below, we earn money that goes towards supporting the maintenance and development of this site.


A Brief Guide to Mexican Baseball

Historians have placed the origin of Mexican baseball back to the 1840s, but the Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, also known as the LMB, hadn't emerged until 1925. Read our brief guide to Mexican Baseball to learn more.


The Fate of Minor League Baseball

While minor leaguers already face financial struggles, with the lack of pay, some players fear their baseball careers are in jeopardy. Continue reading to discover how minor league players are battling these economic hardships.

Vintage Helmet and American Football Bal

Most Valuable Joe Montana Cards

Joe Montana's career was highlighted by his intangibles, as he was fluid on every snap. What isn't abstract is the value of Joe Montana's football cards. As one of the best quarterbacks to ever step onto the field, the value of Joe Montana's football cards is correlated with his success.

Image by Antoine Schibler

Top 15 Most Expensive Nolan Ryan Cards

The remarkable hurler who played for four different MLB teams from 1966-1993, Nolan Ryan, is one of the all-time greatest pitchers. Nolan Ryan was not just the first baseball player, but the first athlete to earn over $1 million annually. While his performance on the field was rewarded, the value of his baseball cards grew considerably.


Top 23 Most Valuable Kobe Bryant Rookie Cards

Sports hobbyists have been drawn to Kobe Bryant cards since he entered the NBA at age 17, and they are more sought-after now than ever. As Kobe Bryant's Hall of Fame induction is approaching, the demand for his rookie cards will continue to rise.


The 2020 Major League Baseball Season is Under Siege

With time running out on the 2020 MLB season, something has got to give. With sponsorship fallouts, players requested to surrender their "guaranteed" salaries, and Rob Manfred incapable of relating to the players; it appears inevitable the league is leaning towards the first MLB strike since 1994.


A Brief Guide to Japanese Baseball

The roots of Japanese professional baseball are traced back to 1934, where the first league was established known as the Greater Japan Tokyo Baseball Club. In 1936, the league was called the Japanese Baseball League, where it operated until 1949. It wasn't until 1950 that Nippon Professional Baseball officially formed.


7 reasons why you should watch the KBO League

With the 2020 season underway, along with ESPN broadcasting live games, it is time to embrace the KBO. On those grounds, the following are 7 reasons why you should watch the KBO.


Who are the Doosan Bears?

The Doosan Bears have won six Korean Series titles with the most recent being last year. We take a look at who they are and some key facts about The Bears.


Who are the Samsung Lions?

The Samsung Lions are one of South Korea's most successful baseball teams. We take a deeper look into who they are.


Scandals in the CPBL

Just like many sports, the CPBL has had its fair share of scandals. We look at some of the biggest scandals to have hit the CPBL.

Baseball Bats

7 Reasons you should watch the CPBL

You may never have heard of the Chinese Professional Baseball League before a month ago, but you must have discovered the league by now. While you may have tuned in strictly because there is a lack of sports coverage currently across the globe, here are 7 reasons why you should not just watch the Chinese Professional Baseball League for the time being, but the foreseeable future.

Baseball Poster

Major League Baseball vs. Chinese Professional Baseball League

With the Chinese Professional Baseball League currently underway, and fans beginning to appear in the stands, you may be wondering what the difference is between MLB and the CPBL. Read ahead to identify the differences, but let's just say the two leagues vary significantly.

Baseball Hats

Empty Stadiums, Cheerleaders and Robotic Fans

The story of how Taiwanese baseball created an atmosphere from nothing. Continue reading to find out more about how the Chinese Professional Baseball League is coping with the current health crisis while establishing a name for itself across the globe.

Image by Ben Hershey

Who are the Rakuten Monkeys?

The Rakuten Monkeys are one of the most dominant teams in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, and so we thought we should introduce them first as part of our "Explainer Series." However, before discussing the Rakuten Monkeys, we need to delve into the history of the Chinese Professional Baseball League to understand their backstory.

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